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06:37 September 12, 2021

Went to Ottawa in our Labour Day week vacation. Haven’t been on a road trip for 2 years. Traffic was good. Food was delacious.

AWS Console Auto Refresh

16:02 April 02, 2021

There is a refresh button in many resource pages of AWS web console. I have to click it manually to refresh. It doesn’t poll intermitentlly like GCP. I was p...

AppleScript to Toggle Sidecar

20:29 March 14, 2021

I’ve been using my iPad as my secondary screen when I use my MacBook in my sunroom. Connecting and disconnecting the sidecar screen is an annoying chore. I w...

Config Upgrade Strategy on Git

19:45 March 03, 2021

I’ve been trying to figure out a config upgrade strategy with Git. I goolgled it but couldn’t find any sound solution, which is still hard to believe. I thou...