Static Analysis Tool

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Two guys from a company, which sells static analysis tool, came to our company to give a pitch yesterday.

I thought it’s an great oppertunity for the team leaders to get more information on some commercial products. We live in our closed development environment too long. We need some fresh air.

The tool is great. Actually the most impressive part (to me) is the engineer. He typed very fast. ^_^ No one in our team can type as fast as he does. We provided a real project for test. And as I had expected, it turned out to have quite some critical problems, of quality or security, though it had already been ‘cleaned’ by some open-source tools before.

The sad fact is, we are not likely to have any purchasing action, at least in the short-term. But we still got quite a lot from that pitch. Now we’ve acquired the full problem cateogry list, which I deem very useful for further study on this aspect.

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