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I bought a Sony Reader PRS-600.

It’s satisfactory. The touch-screen is convenient. I can hightlight words and sentences, draw free lines, or double tap to look up words in dictionary. I’ve checked Kindle out. But gave it up due to its lack of touch-screen. And Kindle supports its proprieatary format only(It looks like planning to support PDF in the future).

But I was a little bit crazy when I found that the ebook website of Sony only accepts US/Canada credit card. And they validate the card strictly. After online chatting with the support staff, I had the bad feeling that I would have to return the gadget.

Luckily, I searched and found out that I can do the purchasing on other websites. Some of them claim that the purchase is for US/Canada resident only. But they don’t check it very seriously. And I successfully bought a book!

I’ve read some FAQ’s of those web sites. Actually it’s an outdated policy of the US book publisher industry. The book websites’ sales are hurt by such policy. They are also complaining and demanding for change. Anyway, thanks to multiple-format support of Sony reader, I still can somehow to work around.

If I can buy a book at Borders of San Fransico Airport and bring it back to China legally, why can’t I buy it online? They’re really outdated and stupid policies.

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