Digital Reader

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I’ve finished two fictions on my Sony Reader PRS-600. Here comes my review.

A shout conclusion would be: it’s amazing!

I talked to many friends about e-reading. Most of them suggesting traditional paperback books were still their preference. But among these people, none of them ever owned a digital reader.

It’s new experience. And it’s different. You can expect all the old reading experience is preserved.  For text-intensive book, like fictions, digital reader is already on a mature level. It needs improvement, but basically, I think it’s strength is already overtaking the weakness.

For a foreign language learner like me, the “tapping to call out dictionary look-up” feature is vital. You just can get the same convenient experience in paperback book reading.

For PRS-600, there are some improvement to be expected in next generation:

  1. The response-speed must be enhanced a little bit.

  2. Screen glare is a problem.

  3. Built-in backlight is needed.

  4. The library software should be more user-friendly in organizing the notes.

  5. Why not internaionlize it before putting on shelf?

  6. Touch screen can be somehow disabled to let my finger touch anywhere without turning pages accidentally

  7. More shortcut key around the screen, so I don’t have to press keys twice to access a function

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