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Like it or not, Internet has already changed and will keep changing our world. We had a sense of it when we first hop on the information highway. But we never imagined the impact would be so deep and so quick. It’s not just about searching information becoming much easier.

I’ve been through the era of PC popularity and then of Internet popularity. From priate music resellers and the legal music producer, we can see the difference. In the PC era, they sell CD’s, and the pirates sell illegal copies. But in a matter of several years, nobody buy the pirate CD’s. Because it’s too easy to get them from Internet. If you want a  legal copy, go to iTune Store. Or you could search it thru some P2P software. If you ever think selling pirate CD will be your lifetime job, think again.

The book publishers seem not to get it. I bumped into stupid district restriction here and there when doing some online shopping. It’s outdated, especially for the goods that are in electronic form. And the publishers know it, they just don’t want to let go some old rules. And some online book stores just apply lax check on buyer region, which de factoly cirmcumvent the restriction.

It really scares some people that the boundaries disappear all in a sudden. But for those who are born without such old boundaries, it’s just the norm of their age.

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