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When IPv6 is enabled, bad things happen.

That’s only true for non-technical guys, of course. I guess for people who live outside the censorship, they don’t bother to add the ipv6 support, unless it’s enabled default.

I switched from plink.exe to Tunnelier, whose speed really impressed me, days ago. Then I found IE didn’t work any more, if with proxy enabled. It took days for me to figure out the reason. I tried the hop-over-GFW-by-ipv6 method last week. I added ipv6 protocol to the network interface card. That’s the source of the problem. That ipv6 solution didn’t work out because the router of my office doesn’t support ipv6 yet. And I forgot to remove the ipv6 support. Then my system somehow returned an IPv6 address for localhost.

Plink.exe can recognize that ipv6 address and get me through the SSH tunnel, but Tunnelier can’t, at least in this version. That’s the reason. I changed the localhost to, it worked.

Now I’ve removed the ipv6.

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