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Dropbox is a cool software.

I didn’t expect it could impres me that much. The idea is not new. What it does is just to automatically synchronize our files between diffrent machine, as well as to store a backup on the website. It supports file versioning, which Subversion also can do.

I thought it’s cool since I found out its major advantage over SVN. You don’t need to see those hidden .svn folder anymore. Your folder is clean and tidy. I’m using the free edition now, which gives me 2.5G space.

If I need more space, the price is $99 per year for 50G space. It’s a little bit high. I think $39 will be OK for me IF it can provide extra features like:

  1. Online editing. Better integrated with Google Docs or something like that.

  2. Change Tracking. For large  file, a small change leading to a long upload is nightmare. At least for some common file types, like text and office files, it can figure out a way to just upload the ‘change’, not the whole file.

  3. Better security. If I’m going to store all my files there, I need to a mechanism to classify my files. Some files may be downloaded to local disk, but still can not be accessed without extra authorization.

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