What’s Wrong with Digital Reading?

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Digital reading has some issues in user reading experience. But those are all minor, can be solved in newer devices. But I just have some really weird feeling of owning an digital book. I think I’ve figured it out lately.

There i’s a major difference between paperback and digital book. Traditionally, when you finish a paperback book, you can lend or give it to others. Nobody is going to pay any more fees for anything. But if it’s a digital one, it’s binded to your digital reader, you can’t share it to anybody without surrender your digital reader. That’s weird! Just like lending a CD to your friend force you lending your hi-fi together.

Such binding actually overprotects the interest of the publisher. But without the digital authorization mechnism, privacy will prevail.

Solution? I guess the mechanism needs some minor modification. Maybe it should be binded to a person(account), and can be transfered. Like this:

When you buy an ebook, it is binded to your online account. When you want to transfer it to your digital reader, you need to specify a expire date, the reader can no longer open the ebook when it expires. Of course since you own this book, you can always renew the expire date. If you need to send the book as a gift to your friend, you must reclaim the ebook first, which means, if the book is authorized to a reader, you must connect the reader and explicitly recliam the book. The book can not be read on the reader now. And if you lost your reader, then you must wait until the expire date passes. With such mechanism, the ebook doesn’t have to be binded with the reader forever.

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