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In the talk show, twig, Jeff talks about openness. He says the app’ s major difference to web is the boundary, which makes the information less discoverable, if not at all.

I think he really has his point. We are enjoying the openness of Internet, without even think about how important it is. Just imagine what it will be like if you can no longer get any free information from Internet when you try to find someing, like Java programming. You must either pay for the membership, or buy a paperback book. Like the old days, huh? But that’s old days of low effeciency. If nobody wants to blog for free any more, is that still OK?

For small Flash games or Iphone games, running as app is not such a big deal. And it’s natural, for now. But if it becomes a trend, we really need to be concerned. Some company will be confused, they don’t know what the connotation of adapting the app-approach. Say Time magazine decides to use app rather than web to publish their electronic magzine. Do they really understand that means their information is less discoverable? Someone got to tell them. Guess that’s what they’re doing right now.

And here comes  the HTML 5. After this openness talk, I start to think HTML 5 is much bigger than I thought before.

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