Archive of Tweets

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Someone, Library of Congress, wants to archive all the tweets. What a crazy idea! That’s my first response.

Is it really necessary? What’s the point of keeping records like “I had a sandwich” or “I just walked my dog.”? Isn’t history about memory as well as forgetting? Just because we have the technique to record all the history, we must do it? And who is to judge which data is important, and which may be deleted after certain time? This may become political issue.

I know there is a organization, Internet Archive, who makes snapshot of all the websites periodically. That’s less crazy, I think. Maybe because I think websites are like books, which are more valuable historically. But tweets are just simply gossips. OK, there may be some tweets which are valuable. But someone will record them to his website, or even write a book about them.

Actually I’ve a more radical idea. To keep the pressure on Twitter’s servers low, maybe they should consider deleting old tweets, like 5 years ago. If the user wants to keep it, just have twitter automatically send the backup archive through email before the deletion.