Bookmarks & Fax Machine

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Bookmark is like fax machine. They are products of last century. We still use them occasionally. But won’t miss them much if they are long gone.

So what product or application could eventually kill fax? For the input part, guess the digital camera on cellphone or notebook could possibly do the job. The device just need to be improved to solve the usability issue in scanning. For the output part, when we need a hard copy, what can we do without fax/printing machine? Maybe printing requirement will become less often in the future. So when we need it, we go to convenient store to collect our printout. Can we install a printing device on notebook?

Yes, I still use bookmarks everyday. But 90% of them are useless, I just don’t have time to do the cleanup job. Anyway, they don’t take up much space. Bookmakrs are still somehow useful. The storage of my bookmarks has changed from local to the cloud. Guess most geeks use service like xmarks.

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