Product Retiring

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Ditching IE 6 is an achievable goal. IE 8 has been there for a while, even Microsoft won’t have problem with that. So we just stop building websites that supports IE 6. It will eventually fade away.

But IE is another issue. You can see IE-only websites everywhere in China. Microsoft somehow manipulates IT decision makers of almost all Chinese banks, which make all those online banking service require an ActiveX control, which means ‘won’t do without IE’. Salute to MS sales team. You did very good jobs. Besides those banks, many governmental and educational websites are IE-only. As Chinese tech gurus always say: We always use Firefox, a safer browser. But when we need to do something about our money, we switch to an less safe browser, IE.

So that’s all about kidnapping, right? You can use Firefox, Linux and whatever you want. But unless you never use online banking, you have to keep IE on your computer.

Is Adobe Flash doing the samething? Flash sucks in many prospects. But there are so many websites already using Flash, what can we do? So Apple’s decision isn’t as bad as it first looked. Maybe we need this first push from Apple?

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