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There is no online privacy at all. When you decide to write or do something online, you’d better be ready for a full exposure to the public, no matter what the terms & agreements are.
When I was reading the simplified version of Facebook’s privacy setting, I still felt confused. To be fair, it is much simplier than its predecessor. But it’s still not easy to choose. For many people, maybe just choose the ‘Recommend’, letting the system make decisions for you. Facebook will love that.
Maybe your privacy is well-protected now by the service provider. But who knows whether in the future it will merge, cooperate with or even be acquired by a company controlled by a North-Korea-friendly regime. By then, do you want to or remember to delete all your data? Even you do so, your data can still be recovered from backup archive. In this case, privacy leak is not the first thing to be worried about.

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