An Feature Request to Google Map

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As Beijing is taking some measures to apply more strict control on internet map services, we can predict there could be some day Google Maps/Earth is blocked in China. No matter what the reason is, censorship or economic interest, Chinese internet users still need the good service of Google Maps.

It may be not just a technical problem. But google can do something technically to help some Chinese internet users to go around the blocking.

Foursquare was blocked several days ago. And there is a developer who wrote a very simple php program to build a proxy.  So we can modify the official Foursquare software to insert the Custom API on our own hosts. Foursquare can be used on the cellphone again.

We need the same function on Google Map Apps(especially on mobile device), which is allowing us to set custome API. Please consider adding this feature to your next version. Thanks.

Source: Custom API Support Needed

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