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I got a phone call this morning. A staff of gas company said my gas leak detector should be replaced. She obviously had my personal data, coz she could tell my name and address. My detector is still working. But she said that one is for LPG. It couldn’t work with natural gas.

I didn’t give much thought about this. So I made an appointment with her, which is around 6-7pm. She even reminded me to check the technician’s staff ID. I asked Ida to come home a little bit earlier, so she could let the technician come inside to install the device, which would cost me RMB 290.

Luckily, when I talked about this to Lin, my coworker, and expressed my strange feeling about this. He reminded me to google the telephone number. And I did. Geez, I dialed to Ida immediately upon seeing the first page of search result, telling her don’t open door to this guy. That’s a well-known scam number, having been posted in many online forums.

They almost got me. Geez, they couldn’t have come so close if I were several years younger.

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