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Do I need an iPad? That depends what I use it for.

I’ve played with my colleague’s iPad for a while. The screen size is good, not too heavy to carry. Reading PDF with a screen as large as this is much enjoyable expereience than on cellphone. The only problem is: how often will I use it to read books?

I bought a Sony Reader a year ago.

It’s a b/w device. Reading experience is not bad, especially in the sun. I later discovered this feature is not that cool. How many times do I need to read in the sun? That must be on the  beach. I wish I could be there as much as possible. Without color screen, reading magazine like Time and Newsweek makes me feel something is missing. Reading novel is good, especially when I need to look up a word I don’t know, I could just double tap on it. The battery life can last for two weeks. It sounds good, but if its charger is not super huge and the charging time doesn’t take too long, 10 hour continuous working time is good enough. That’ s ipad’s battery life time.

What’s really annoying me in digital reading is not the device, it’s the DRM. The ebook must be bound to one device(or two, if including the PC I used to download). There is no easy way to read a copyright protected ebook on multiple hand-held devices. OK, it’s not Sony Reader’s problem.

Since I replaced my Nokia N81 with a Nexus One last month. My cellphone reading experience has improved drastically. Clearing unread Google Reader items becomes entertainment now. Cellphone screen as big as this is good for reading fragmented information like web pages and news feeds. But for novel reading, the screen will make us turning pages all the time. I need a larger screen to solve this problem. Maybe it’s not a problem for younger generations: they are supposed to turn page so frequently.

I’ve installed FBReader for Android lately. It’s a really cool reader software. I guess I’ll try some reading with it first, see if I could get used to the small screen, in comparison to my Sony Reader. And I’m also waiting for a droidpad to emerge in the market. Competition is always good.

BTW, the Nexus One really caused some change of my reading habit. I read RSS more and spend less time on deep reading now. I need a good balance between them.

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