Puzzle & Mystery

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Malcolm Gladwell’s book is as good as always.

I’ve been reading the book, What the Dog Saw, these days. It’s good, though the beginning chapter did confuse me with those hair style stuff.

The dog training part is informative. Since I have a dog, Gerald, who is quite willful. I know what those dog owners feel. I also know discipline is the missing part. Gerald is paying attention to us all the time, that’s so true. Not like Alpha, our cat, who only pays attention to us when he feels like it.

The second section is more illuminating. He talks about the difference between puzzle and mystery. I never gave any thought about their difference. But I did have experience of being inundated by too much information. I like the story of Enron.

I’ll definitely finish this book. Mayby consider buying a book mentioned by the author, Conspiracy of Fools: A True Story (Paperback) by Kurt Eichenwald Conspiracy of Fools: A True Story.

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