Data Backup

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My routine data backup happens every 3-6 months. I zipped the “My Documents” folder and put it on the hard disk of my home desktop. That was what I did before.

I replaced my desktop with a Sony notebook last year. I didn’t bring the notebook out of my home. So it worked just like a desktop, until lately I started to use it as my working notebook and installed a Debian on my old office desktop.

What about my data backup? I put them on a portable hard disk. The problem is: the portable hard disk is carried with my notebook in the same backpack everyday. So, I put all my eggs in one basket.

I found out this fact this morning. The first response is taking out the portable disk and leaving it at home.

Backing up data is boring, though important. I heard the prodoct Carbonite many times in Twig show. It’s an automatic online backup product. It sounds good. The only problem is its price, which is a little bit high.

Gonna try it and compare it with Dropbox.

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