The Expendables

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Rambo is the collective memory of all those people like us, who were born in 60’s and 70’s.

In the old days, when we were teenagers, the world was simple, black and white. There was a sarcastic truth, the American side was always the right side in imported movies, while wrong side in state-owned TV news channel. But it didn’t bother us at all. We were trained to switch our roles without second thoughts.

I can’t imagine why Stallone can still have the courage to produce such non-mainstreamed movies. Didn’t he know the time had changed? Now there are always hostages and kidnappers. You want to be the good guy, you can’t avoid hurting those hostages. It’ll be much more simple to switch to the opposite side with the bad guys. To make it worse, kidnappers can become hostages, and vice versa. Some hostages are kidnappers at the same time, depending on which view you wanna take.

In 1990, an English teacher, Susan, who was from America, was standing in our classroom, asking which movie is our favourite. Rambo! There was no other option. When Susan finally understood which movie we were talking about, she responded with one word: STUPID. We were all appalled, and langhed. We didn’t know, or care, why she thought so.

Truth is not always the only thing we seek while watching a movie. It could be entertainment, old memory, porn or just a political assignment. In The Expendables, I got the old memory of 80’s back. And we need some indulgent moments to make such assumption: Hell with the reality. Let’s assume all good guys are pure good, and bad guys are pure bad. Just shoot.

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