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When the Japanese, in the movie Inception, said he had bought that airline, the whole theater was filled with laughter. A word came into my mind, Carbonite.

Carbonite is an online data backup service, which I’ve been using for a few months. I hadn’t done much background check of it before I uploaded my personal data. I’m still comfortable with that now. Come on, I never record my bank account pin on my computer. And I’m no celebrity, whose privacy is valuable to paparazis.
The most important thing is, that is an American company. FBI cannot read my files at will like those Chinese secret police do in China. They at least need permission from court. And even they can do that, I don’t mind…
But what if someday Carbonite is bought by a company controlled by Beijing? Would Carbonite issue a warning or something, telling us the new risk we are facing? I doubt that.

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