Google Instant Search and New

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Both of them are luxuries to me. I’ve heard of them hundreds of times, from Leo’s talk show as well as many tweets. But they are still far away from my laptop screen.

I did try to enable the Google Instant Search. I used a proxy, located in Las Vegas, changed my locale settting to en_US, and changed all those setting trying to tell Google I was in America. But the google was very smart, the regional setting awlays bounced back when I did some more clicks. The worse part was, the Instant Search will be disabled automatically when it detects my connection speed is too slow. Well, it can’t be fast when I’m using a cheap proxy.

The new UI simply doesn’t show up yet. One of my colleagues got it today. How unfair it is! He is an inactive user, with only less than 10 followers, And his tweets are all private!

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