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I know what Netflex is, but not Hulu. But I can guess it’s another online video service, and also US-only. When I was asked by my friend how Netflix is going to make profit on such low monthly fee, which is $7.99, I don’t know. It must have something to do with the user volume.

I used to install Netflix on my iPad. But it had no much usage, since I’m located in China. If there is such service in China, will I pay for it? Not likely.

Firstly, pirate version is still very easy to access through emule. Though legal copies are more and more affordable, but without a certain inconvenience to get pirate ones, we still won’t choose them.

Secondly, there are no good shows worth our monthly fee. We watch American sitcoms most of the time. And they are not supposed to appear on Chinese market. Due to regulation and censorship reasons, they are not legal in the first place.

And for me, I simply don’t have an acceptable broadband Internet connection. VOD is as far as buying another apartment, which simply will not happen.

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