Don’t bring them

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I’ve brought many stuffs, which were rarely used, in my recent tour to Hawaii. I should consider leaving them at home on my next trip.

  1. Cellphone Car Rack

Used:  Never

I planned to use it to hold my Nexus One for navigation while I was driving. It turned out my preinstalled GPS software didn’t work. And my main navigation tool was my iPad, which displayed an offline Google map with directions to navigate. And it was being hold in Ida’s hands all the time. The rack is only useful when I am driving alone.

  1. Telescope

Used: Never

It was not Yellowstone. There were not so many wild lifes, I meant mammals, in Hawaii, which requires a telescope to get a good observation. I never bothered to take it out from my backpack in my tour.

  1. Digital Camera Charger

I’m not a big fan of photography. It turned out that I had only taken less than 300 pictures, which only consumed one battery bar. With two fully-charged batteries, I don’t need to bring the charger next time.

  1. Wireless Mouse

Used:  Once

If I’d sticked to my iPad all the time, I didn’t need that mouse at all.

  1. Waterproof Plastic Bags

Used: Never

I brought two of those bags, one for cellphone and the other for digital camera. They’ve never got wet.

  1. Network Cable Roll

Used: Never

I brought a cable with a device that can automatically roll back the cable. It’s never been used. All the guest room had provied cables.

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