Believe what you see and not what you read

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Extract from book – “Mobile Design and Development”:

• Don’t trust any report, fact, or figure that is more than a year or two old. It is most likely wrong. For example, the majority of assumptions about mobile development pre-iPhone are no longer applicable.

• Perform contextual inquiries, not focus groups. Go to your users and ask them questions in person, in their context, not yours. They often have a lot to say; listen and keep an open mind.

• Record everything. Nothing makes your case like your users’ own words. They have a funny way of reducing company politics and focusing back on the user.

• Don’t forget to innovate. Try new things, be bold, and don’t be afraid to fail.

• The best strategy succeeds even if it fails. Have a contingency plan. If your plan fails to meet expectations, how can you reuse what you’ve learned or done on something else?

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