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After buying iPad and iTouch, I’ve bought many accessories. I always introduced them to my friens when I felt they were good. The result is not so good, luckily sales is not my profession.

The sketch pen for iPad, which I’ve bought the 2nd one, could not be sold to any of my friends.

The tiny bluetooth keyboard was only bought by Henry.

The small charging adapter, which converts A/C to USB output and can be used to charge iPad, can not make a sale. But I’ve made the 2nd order this afternoon.

The deluxe insinde-ear earbuds, which can prevent up to 85% noise when its power is turned on is good. I never tried to promoting it to anyone. I think the requirement is not common. It could be a little bit inconvenient if being used at home. But in a noisy environment like Starbucks, it really creates a quiet private space..

The iPhone holder is goood. It can support my iTouch standing in a tilted angle, good for watching podcast.

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