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Sean calls me “King of Procedure” lately. Haha, since I happened to do some similar work before he did, so I had the chance to get to know about the procedure, forms blah blah first.

And when my wife and I went to see a movie this afternoon, we spent very long time waiting in the line in front of the box office. Their procedure took so long for different customers.

Then I brought up a question: what are the purposes of procedures?

The serious answers:

  1. They are supposed to make things simple in every nodes, which would help the overall efficiency;

  2. They are used to enforce company policy, making sure powers are porperly checked and accidental damages are controlled.

The funny ones:

  1. They are used to scare the customers or colleagues away so that less workload is possible;

  2. They are used to display real power, when powerful managers can always get things done while ignoring any procedure;

  3. Well, it makes us not bother to think too much.

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