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I found my last post was dated last August, which was long long ago.

I’ve used my MacBook Air for 9 months. I’ve to say it’s still a satisfying machine. The performance is good, the battery life can still last most of my meetings. The most correct decision I’ve made is choosing the 250G SSD disk, which was very expensive. I’ve only around 20GB free space left right now. If I’d chosen a small one, my usage would be a horrible memory, in which I will spend much time plugging and unplugging external storage devices.

I bought an iPhone 4s in February, which officially made me an Apple fan. After fiddling with it for a few weeks, I’ve made it almost as productive as Android. Jailbreak, of course. Here is my favorite jailbreak app list:

  • Baidu IME: supports Shuang Pin and phone keyboard layout(rather than qwert)
  • AndroidLock XT: locks/unlocks by connecting dots
  • LockInfo: puts calendar and customized RSS entries on lock screen
  • Sogou Haomatong: filters out spams
  • Activator, SBSettings, WinterBoard, AppFlow, StartDial, IconBounce etc.

I tried some online music services, like Last.fm, Tunein Radio, Jazz FM91. None of them is perfect. I’ve to use VPN to get Tunein Radio play in China. Last.fm has the same problem, plus Chinese album name ordering problem in iScrob.

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