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2012 is a chaotic year. But looking back, I found the chaos is not necessary bad. I’ve seen and learnt, people and techs. Anyway, I’m happy that my development team has become a more efficient and capable one. Though not without weakness, it is quite ready for the challenge of 2013.

I put two books to my online shopping cart, but didn’t finish the purchase later. The reason was that I still have too many unfinished books. I’m now reading: Code Complete 2, An Introduction to the History of Western Europe. Black Swan and The Path to Freedom were started but are now in inactive status.

About jogging, I’m trying to pick up from very low-level exercise. Jogging in very low speed, I could have an idea of how much my knees can take.

I’m going to stay in Hong Kong for two days during the CNY holidays. Buy some mainland-censored books perhaps. And I’ll try a unlimited-data 3G sim card there, which was bought from Taobao with a very low price.

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