True Blood

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I just finished the 5th episode of True Blood Season 1. I wouldn’t say I hate this show, but I’m not in love with it yet.

The leading actress is not very pretty, not that star-pretty, but that’s to its credit. Actually I like those thrillers with normal-looking actors and actresses, such as The Killing. But she looks OK, though she acts stupidly sometimes. And the vampire man looks good. The combination still can make me finish season 1, hopefully.

But I think the threads has some tendency to fall apart. Is it why it always need a murder crime scene at the end of each episode, so the audience won’t give up on it? I can feel the writers have many information to show later, but the whole process looks too slow.

I watched Stallone’s Over the Top, a 1987 film, again this weekend. It looks a little bit simple now after over 20 years. I was told the son in the film is Stallone’s real son, who died last year before he finished shooting the film The Expendable 2. It turned out to be wrong. The son who died last year was Sage Stallone. The child star in Over the Top is called David Mendenhall, who is 42 years old now and still alive.

I happened to see some scenes of Las Vegas in 1980s in the film. It’s changed so much, comparing to what I’ve seen there in 2004.

That’s 80s, a era without cellphone and the Internet. Though Internet is invented in America, but what I felt when I was actually in America was the disconnection, the opposite of the purpose of the Internet. Like the cellphone signal coverage won’t cover many parts of the inter-state highways as well as many national park, which is unimaginable in China. I love that sort of disconnection. It brings some sort of security feeling, though not necessarily true, I know.

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