Google Authenticator Bug

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I lost all my existing data after I updated Google Authenticator on my iPhone. It’s quite a crisis. Depending on which application I was using, it required different credentials to reset my two-step verification when I couldn’t access my app. Luckily I had put down all recovery code on my 1Password setting. I reset all the security setting on my Gmail , Dropbox and Evernote accounts.

After doing some googling, I found that’s a bug of the App! That’s unbelievable. Where was the QA? Didn’t they test it before putting the upgrade on App Store? And soon I found the Google Authenticator disappear from App Store… Maybe Google didn’t have time to figure out where the bug was, which I thought is not likely, or maybe Apple need some time to process another upgrade application. To contain the damage, they removed it from App Store.

After installing the latest 2.0.1 update, the old data entries was back. Google explains the previous bug didn’t remove users’ data, but just didn’t display them properly.

It’s strange this huge news, for me, didn’t get much coverage in Chinese online media. Maybe not so many Chinese are using it. They feel fine using cellphone text message as a means to to the two-step verification, rather than using Google Authenticator.

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