Honda CR-V

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I picked up my Honda CR-V on January 23. So it has been two weeks, though I haven’t used it much, due to the weather as well as that we actually didn’t have many places to go yet. So we are still on our first tank of gas.

Honda CR-V EX 2010

I have to compare it with the Accord EX 2011 which I was driving back in China. Features I’ve lost include keyless entry and startup, window control with remote, heated seats, leather seats and reverse parking sensor. Heated seats are useless in Guangzhou, but it’s a nice-to-have feature here. But that’s not critical. All of them are easy to adapt except for the parking sensor. I didn’t realize how much I’d depended on the sensor to back up my car until I lost it. Especially for a SUV, whose tail is shorter than a normal sedan, I need time to adjust my rear distance judgement so that I won’t park too far or too close. But it can be overcome, just a matter of time.

Besides the features lost, I also have gained some: bigger trunk, higher driving position with better view and comfort,  built-in dashboard compass, ECU, USB-support stereo which integrates with iPod, a passable design between two front seats.

Now the people sitting in the front can get off from either one of the front doors, which is good when the car happened to be parked in an inconvenient side. I love this feature. I can do that in Accord, but only by making some awkward postures and leaving some footprints on the front panel.

Compass is also a good feature. I used to look for one for my Accord, but failed to find a satisfying one. There are many occasions I just need to know which direction I am heading, not need for GPS navigation.

And the USB port has revive my iPod nano, the whole 8-gigabyte library can be read by the car stereo, and I can play by artist, album or playlist, which is awesome. Yeah, it’s full of Taylor Swift’s.

With the spacious trunk and the foldable back seats, I can put some small furniture in it now, which is unimaginable when we were driving the rented Cruze.

AS of engine power, it performs just well enough. I wouldn’t say it’s a sprinter car, but it gives me enough power when moving from still or accelerating in movement. Nothing letting me down, though nothing makes me say ‘wow’.

In general it is a good car, in good condition for a used one with near 60,000km mileage. The seat is comfortable, turning is accurate. Just like a Honda. ^_^


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