Raspberry Pi

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Yes, it is a Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi

I finally decided to turn off the Dell server in my basement, which hosted a bunch of VM’s and consuming around 100W of power, I guess. Got to go green.

The VM’s on my dell server were used to host my WordPress blog, the one I’m using right now, a PPTP VPN for my friends in China to get around the Great Firewall,  a Dabr web application for them to access Twitter in China without using VPN, and a uTorrent application running as BitTorrent peer.

All of them are on my Raspberry Pi now! WordPress is slow when dynamic pages are requested. I think that’s because the Transmission, which eats up CPU cycles when downloading from peer, is the cause. I’ll see how it goes when the download finishes. It’s just a credit-size mini computer running on SD card, not SSD! Can’t expect too much.


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