A node.js script to change text file contents in batch

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Haven’t posted anything for a long time. I’ll just post a script I wrote to change text file in batch, which I’ve been using for some time, working fine.

[code language=”JavaScript”]

A node.js script to change text file contents in batch.
Raymond Chen, Apr. 2015
1) Run script with ‘recipe.txt’ in the same script, or specify recipe file path with -f option
2) Recipe file format: A JSON file which contains an array whose elements are also entry arrays. Each entry specifies parameters in below order:
1st: Path of the text file
2nd: String to be searched
3rd: String to be replaced with
4th(optional): Options, “g” means global replacement rather than only replacing the 1st match by default
3) -q option: only prints warning and error messages
4) WARNING will be printed if no actual text replacement occured for an entry

var fs=require(‘fs’);
opt = require(‘node-getopt’).create([
  [‘f’ , ‘f=ARG’ , ‘Recipe file (default=recipe.txt)’],
  [‘h’ , ‘help’ , ‘display this help’],
  [‘q’ , ” , ‘print warning/error message only’],
var recipeFile=opt.options.f?opt.options.f:”recipe.txt”;
var quiet=opt.options.q;
var warning=”WARNING: “;
var success=”SUCCESS: “;
var error=”ERROR: “;
console.info(“Recipe file: “+recipeFile);
var recipe={};
fs.readFile(recipeFile,{encoding:”UTF-8″},function(err,data) {
if (err) throw err;
  recipe.forEach(function(entry) {
  var file=entry[0];
  var search=entry[1];
  var replace=entry[2];
  var options=entry.length>3?entry[3]:””;
  var data=””;
  try {
    var replacedTimes=0; 
var result=data;
if (options.indexOf(‘g’) > -1) {
replacedTimes= data.split(search).length-1;
if (replacedTimes > 0) {
result= data.split(search).join(replace);
} else {
if (result != data) {
if (replacedTimes>0) {
fs.writeFileSync(file, result, ‘utf8′);
if (!quiet)
console.log(success+” replaced : “+replacedTimes +” time(s), File: “+file+” Search: “+search+” Replace: “+replace+” Options: “+options);
} else {
console.log(warning+” no match text found, File: “+file+” Search: “+search+” Replace: “+replace+” Options: “+options);
} catch (e) {
console.log(error+” While processing entry: “+ entry + ” Error message: ” + e);



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