Tech Books 2017

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I have read these tech books in 2017.

  • Introduction to Reacttechbooks
  • NG-Book Angular 4
  • Head First Android Development
  • Vagrant Up and Running
  • Kubernetes up and Running
  • Hacker Exposed 7th Edition
  • The Docker Cookbook
  • Docker Up and Running
  • D3 in Action

Reading books is not the only way I learn techs. Like Kubernetes, I’ve read the official docs many times while running tests. The Kubernetes Up and Running book was more of a review, which I did after I had understanding of most of the concepts.

Sometimes I think it’s not the best way, or it’s lazy or too laid-back for myself. Getting my hands on it is always the best and fun way. But I will still read some books in 2018 due to: 1) It could be a comprehensive summary, sometimes covers some areas I will ignore; 2) It leads me to some interesting topics/books/tools/stories I have never heard of  before

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