Nginx-ingress-controller problem with Dynatrace One Agent

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A problem has been bothering me for days. Our performance team has 3 VMs to test our application running on Kubernetes. Everything works fine except the nginx-ingress-controller. I can destroy the k8s cluster and reinstall it many times. The weird thing is, sometimes it works on one node, but never all of them. I don’t understand the randomness.

We created a new VM in the same environment, which has no problem running anything. Since the 3 VMs were upgraded from RHEL 7.3 to 7.4, we spent so much time looking into that aspect, which turns out to be a red herring.

I found in those problematic containers, any nginx command will hang, even nginx -v It’s not likely a bug of nginx. I tried strace, which I was not familiar and got nothing. Finally I change the yaml of the nginx-ingress-controller to pure sleep, and run a nginx -v inside the container. When I compared with the good container the output of  lsof -c nginx, I found the Dynatrace One Agent in it. And I tried stopping it, bingo, all nginx came back to normal now. I was told there were nothing special running on those VMs. I shouldn’t have just believed it…

I think for some reason the tracing tool is holding the process when Nginx initializes itself. Got to be its settings. I’ll know soon.

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