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Before starting my new remote job, I spent some time setting up my home office. I didn’t want to buy things when WFH was temporary. Now that it becomes permanent, I have good reasons to improve it to make my work more productive.

I bought another same desk. Putting them together orthogonally. The extra desk space makes a big difference. Now I have enough room for my notebook, cellphone and coffee warmer. Sometimes it just feels good when I see the extra space with nothing there.

The dongo provided by my company is really good. It has an RJ-45 port, which is connected to my powerline adapter to get stable wired Internet connection. There is a USB-C power input, HDMI and USB-A port of course. I only need to unplug one connector if I need to take the MacBook to somewhere else.

My old Insignia monitor has an audio output. I had thought it was useless but now it becomes pretty useful. I don’t have to connect the audio cable to my MacBook directly. I connect it to my old monitor. One less cable to unplug.

Because I put my macbook on my left side, sometimes it feels weird when audio comes from my left. So I use my old small Logitech speakers to solve the problem. There is an audio output on one of the speakers. When I need good audio quality, I plug in the cable connected to an old sound bar with bass booster.

The Insignia monitor, Logitec speakers and the sound bar are all old equipments, which I hadn’t used for a long time. It’s great to revive them!

I connect both an HDMI and a DP cables to my new monitor. I could use it for my personal MacBook if I want.

There are more minor improvments. I think it’s an iterative process. I need to work for a few weeks then figure out what else can be improved.

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