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HTTP The Definitive Guide Notes

21:13 July 24, 2020

Read the book Http: The Definitive Guide: The Definitive Guide lately. Had spent so many years working on things related to HTTP, I thought it’s time to stop...

Mixed TLS Types

19:07 May 29, 2020

Behind my Nginx-Ingress-Controller, I have two services. Service A is configured with one-way TLS; while Service B is configured with two-way TLS. When I cur...

Google VPC Notes

11:20 March 29, 2020

I took quite a few notes in learning how the VPC of Google Cloud works. Here are some highlights:

Nginx Keepalive

19:40 February 16, 2020

In Kubernetes environment we put an Ngxin-Ingress-Controller before our Java services, and we found in customer production some long running requests will ge...

SSH Blocked

09:05 December 22, 2019

A couple months ago I found I could no longer connect through SSH from my office to my Raspberry Pi at home on port 443 of my router. I was busy and kind of ...