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Web Page Broken on GKE only?

04:37 August 07, 2019

Everybody was confused when we found a webpage running in Tomcat in a Docker container was broken only on GKE(Google Kubernetes Engine). It worked well in al...

Keep-alive Setting

14:26 July 14, 2019

We started to see intermittent 502 errors since we upgraded Nginx-ingress-controller to a certain version. After investigation, we found the root cause is re...

About Ansible

17:07 July 08, 2019

The first time I used Ansible was 10 months ago when I did a research on OpenShift. The installation of OpenShift was through Ansible. But I only configured ...

About socket

06:19 April 28, 2019

Most if not all of my applications I have worked on were about HTTP, which is a stateless protocol. Until lately we started to work on a feature with websock...

Manifest and Lock

05:36 April 14, 2019

I  saw the usage of manifest and lock before, like Yarn for a node.js project. But rarely gave much thought on how it worked.