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An Feature Request to Google Map

07:33 June 08, 2010

As Beijing is taking some measures to apply more strict control on internet map services, we can predict there could be some day Google Maps/Earth is blocked...

本周 201006#1

22:55 June 04, 2010

六月四号这天,政府把Foursquare封了。原因竟然是因为太多人去天安门广场Check in,形成网上悼念六四,政府很不安,故有此着。翻墙过去check in之后,倒是因为同一地点当天check in人数超过25个,获得了一枚Flash Mob的蜂群奖章。这个有意思。


17:51 June 03, 2010

“Oops… How did you figure that out?” I thought when @czbug, a very smart colleague of mine, gave me the initial password of my new account. That’s exactly th...

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00:33 June 01, 2010