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Auto Link Plugin

18:03 April 28, 2010

I’m going to look for a WordPress  plug-in, which can suggest links while I type and make the URL link upon my selection. Maybe it can use google to do the s...

Archive of Tweets

17:55 April 26, 2010

Someone, Library of Congress, wants to archive all the tweets. What a crazy idea! That’s my first response.


04:15 April 26, 2010

在网站的header里面加了Twitter @Anywhere的脚本。测试:


08:47 April 25, 2010

OAuth原理比较简单,花时间看了一下它的Spec 1.0a整理的笔记。把基本的原理整理一下。

PP Review

23:59 April 24, 2010