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11:05 March 18, 2010


转: 审查机器

21:33 March 14, 2010


DDoS for Twitter

07:55 March 14, 2010

We were discussing about some design problems in an IM group, I was suddentlly hit by a thought of GFW attacking Twitter. GKZhong later named it DDoS for Twi...

Broken Links

15:25 March 10, 2010

In a huge website, like portal, there are millions of web pages. They could reference each other by links, the tags.If somehow, some web pages need to be de...

Office 2007

03:36 March 06, 2010

每次用Office 2007总会让我很难受,讽刺的是它是我唯一买过的Office正版软件。