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Stupid List

12:14 March 02, 2010

2010.3.2 Found the medical record I’d brought belonged to my wife while entering the doctor’s office.

Air Pollution and Traffic

08:30 March 01, 2010

It’s the first working day after Lunar New Year. In local traditional, the new year period lasts for 15 days. People stop giving Red Packages, which are smal...

Chinese Edition Added

05:30 March 01, 2010

.info domain name is really cheap on, which is only 1$ per year. I got one,, for my Chinese version blog. Setting it up is also ...


10:31 February 17, 2010

What Google Buzz is trying to do, I guess, is providing a uniform view to different social products, including Google’s own product like Profiles, Picasa and...

A Little Project

05:06 February 17, 2010

Some podcasts I subscribed are blocked by the government. So I have to enable proxy to download them, which is much slower. I’m thinking to write a small pro...