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13:43 February 15, 2010


Firefox Extension

12:44 February 08, 2010

After some online reading, I tried and modified an sample project of Firefox Extension. It worked. A simple add-on with new menu items, popup different windo...

Digital Edition

05:30 January 27, 2010

After fooling around with the DRM-protected material of Adobe Digital Edition for some days, I guess I’ve figured out the mechanism. Here is my guess, withou...

DNS Record Mgnt

12:39 January 25, 2010

I don’t know why I just could not find how to customize DNS record in the cPanel. It suddenly popped up just now.


11:59 January 25, 2010

Like it or not, Internet has already changed and will keep changing our world. We had a sense of it when we first hop on the information highway. But we neve...