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English Speaking

13:17 January 24, 2010

We watched “Lie to me” last night, episode 8-9 of season 1. Without subtitles, I really didn’t follow. It’s too hard. Tim Roth’s voice was always so challeng...

Active Cat

17:18 January 15, 2010

Alpha, our 9-month-old cat, is so active. He tries to climb on anywhere he can possibly reach, and  to get into any narrow space could barely fit him.


17:10 January 14, 2010

2010.1.13 is even more hilarious than 1.12, when the news of Google leaving China detonated the whole Chinese Internet. All IM groups were filled up with dis... hacked

05:36 January 12, 2010 was cracked this morning. It’s sensational. Most of our colleagues were happy on this news. In our eyes, is a bad company, who is willing...

Stiff Shoulders

17:03 January 10, 2010

Accupuncture is amazing. I came to get the therapy 6 days on daily basis, 4 for shoulders and neck, 2 for back. Now all my back is feeling relieved now.