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Stuck in Starbucks

13:07 December 14, 2009

I always can not ssh to my server in the Starbucks near my office. I got it figured out this morning: the cafe had blocked the port 22.

Twitter Proxy

05:14 December 11, 2009

I’ve been spending quite some time trying to find an alternative for the non-official Twitter site,, which enables me to access twitter from th...

11:59 December 10, 2009

I found wonderful. And I’ve recommended it to Sean, my co-worker.

SSH Disabled in Cafe?

03:44 December 08, 2009

I can’t connect to my server through ssh in Starbucks. It looks like they have done something on their wifi. Since I can connect without any problem at home ...


09:39 December 03, 2009

The logos of Facebook and Twitter always show up together, which make me feel they may someday merge.